Bloom Where You Are Planted

To succeed in anything in life you must first consider where you currently are in life.

Do you consider yourself someone balanced? Are you surrounded by a stable environment, with supportive family and friends that give off positive energy? Or do you feel the opposite? Do you feel lost, unbalanced, perhaps lonely? Do you surround yourself with people who bring you down, criticize you, and extinguish that burning flame within you?

To take a plant-based approach to life, you must first start with the basics and I'm not talking about food. I'm talking about the most important part of anything that you ever decide to do and that, my friends, is your mind.

It is crucial that you cut all the negative things that are currently in your mind before embarking on this life-changing adventure. Just as we are planning to cut out artificial food from our life, we need to do the same with the negative external factors that are damaging our thoughts and ultimately damaging our life.

Slay those dragons whomever and whatever they may be. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Believe in yourself and others will follow. Reprogram your mind to think positive ONLY, block out any negative streams of thought, and allow your mind to simply bloom. Your body will be the first to follow.


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