5 Tips for a Healthier New Year
So… How have your New Years Resolutions been going?! We all say it: “This year I’m really going to cut back on chocolate… and go to the gym more… and get more sleep!!” But whatever your imagined health and fitness resolutions are, it never really seems to work out as planned, right? Wrong! Here are 5 fool-proof ways to improve your health in 2017.1. Drink Lots of WaterThis is something so simple that so many of us forget to do! It is especially important to hydrate each morning after your body goes 7-8 hours without water. With winter bringing cold, dry weather, your skin is begging you to hydrate to prevent your skin from feeling dry and irritated.Make a change this year and make it fun by purchasing an adorable water bottle that you love to carry around with you. For some reason, even just carrying around a massive smartwater bottle with us makes us feel cooler and more apt to chug a ton of agua! Check out some of our fave reusable bottles that you can purchase below:S’well Baltic Green Marble Bottle, $35S’well In The Stars Limited Edition Bottle, $50Lululemon H2Om Waterbottle, $282. Don’t Bring Electronics to Bed & Get Some Sleep! We’ve all heard it; 6-8 hours to sleep is ideal for any young adult and what we should be striving for each night! But we know how hard it is to actually achieve this as college students. And with temptation from late night studying, watching Netflix, or just scrolling through Instagram, we end up staring at screens for too many hours each day.Try to make a “bed time” for yourself and stick to it throughout the week; it may sound a bit silly, but your body will thank you! Even though we all love stalking people on Insta right before we get some shut eye, don’t bring your electronics to bed! Try turning off all electronics about an hour before you want to go to sleep. This will leave your eyes and mind feeling rested.If you really can’t get away from your laptop late at night due to schoolwork or work, download f.lux from the App Store. This application changes the color of your computer’s display to match the appropriate day or nighttime lighting. It may help you sleep better and will surely protect your eyes from that blinding, bright laptop screen late at night! The iPhone also features a “Night Time” setting when you swipe up, applying a similar effect to your phone screen.3. Join That New, Trendy Fitness Program with your BFFOne of our favorite ways to motivate ourselves to workout is by attending a top workout program at a beautiful location. There’s nothing more inspiring than working out with your BFF, surrounded by other motivated fit freaks, in an Insta-worthy workout studio. A few S&J-approved fitness programs are as follows: Orange Theory, Equinox, ModelFit, Dogpound, and SoulCycle.Jamie’s personal favorite and current obsession is Orange Theory Fitness. This 60 or 90 minute long workout is different every single day and includes challenges on the treadmill, water rower and in the weight room. With a free first class, locations all over the U.S. and some international cities, and many class options from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., there’s no reason not to try it!If you’re a student like us and cannot always afford to attend these popular and pricey classes, utilize the opportunities you have as a student and sign up for your school’s free group fitness classes. Shir’s current fave workout class at UF’s gym is Total Body.4. SPF & Moisturize Your Face & BodyYoung people undermine the importance of skin care, but when we hit the age for wrinkles we’ll definitely regret that decision! Even in the winter months, S&J never leave the house without applying an SPF moisturizer on our faces each morning. For us Florida residents especially, the sun can be so harsh on your skin and years of failing to care for your skin will result in some serious damage! When the spring weather starts to roll around, we suggest applying a light layer of SPF to any exposed skin if you plan to be outside for a long period of time. Try the dermatologist recommended EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 45. This sunscreen is light on the skin, free of any intense scents, and definitely a winner for those of you with sensitive skin.And don’t think that you can escape the harsh winter weather’s affects on your skin! Cold weather will definitely add to the dry and irritated look of your skin. Throw on some of S&J’s favorite Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+.5. Clean Your Makeup Brushes WeeklyWondering why you’re face is randomly breaking out, yet you haven’t changed anything about your skincare routine? If you never clean your makeup brushes, that may be the cause! Beauty Blenders especially can hoard a gross amount of bacteria if you don’t clean them properly. And think about all of the times you’ve let your BFF share your eyeshadow brush, concealer, etc… These items may be carrying some bacteria as well!We suggest using Mac’s Brush Cleanser to clean your makeup brushes. This is something that Jamie, and other beauty lovers alike swear by! There are also plenty of DIY makeup cleanser on Pinterest that you can find to save a little cash!