2019 FBA Fee Changes You Might Just Love
With new years coming right up, Amazon has decided to gift its's sellers with FBA fee reductions. While the costs to fulfill, transport, and deliver orders has increased a lot this year, Amazon's continued investment in supply chain innovation allows them to limit the fee changes for 2019.However, there are certain fees that will be increasing while the majority of them will be decreasing as well as referral fees. These changes will take effect on February 19, 2019. Here's the latest on what's changing for Amazon Sellers this upcoming new year:
  • We will make no changes to fulfillment fees for small standard-size and large standard-size items with a shipping weight of 10 oz or less.
  • We will implement small increases in fulfillment fees for products in other size tiers to reflect fulfillment and transportation cost changes.
  • We will change the dimensional billing weight calculation for oversize items. We will apply a minimum width and height of 2 inches when calculating dimensional weight for oversize items, to align with packaging costs.
  • We will introduce separate fulfillment fees for dangerous goods that contain flammable or pressurized aerosol substances and items that contain lithium-ion batteries.
  • We will simplify the Subscribe & Save fee structure starting in September 2019. You will be able to fund a flat discount of 5% or 10% for each new item you add to the program.