Not Your Average Earrings

Ever wonder how to set yourself apart from others with just a tiny piece of jewelry? We have found the perfect pair of earrings that will help you not just stand out, but add style to just about any look. Are you ready?

Remember the days of simple studs and tiny hoops that seem to be just enough? Well, those days are gone. Today, earrings have gotten way more interesting and definitely more stylish. Ear Jackets are the perfect example of how jewelry has changed over time.

What is an ear jacket you may ask?

An ear jacket is a two-piece earring that usually features a stud on your earlobe and has a similar piece that kind of hugs your earlobe on the bottom. It is very easy to wear and embellish the ear in such a beautiful way adding a classy look to any evening or day wear.

There are many types of ear jackets, with some awesome designs. You can even mix and match different ear jackets to match your mood and outfit. There is no doubt you won’t fall head over heels for these trendy styled earrings. They are definitely a rising fashion trend, one that is definitely worth noticing.

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