A revolutionary approach to being Plantborn

It is so humbling, to say the least, to have the opportunity to connect and share my journey with so many people out there either looking for direction, guidance or simply just more information about plant-based living. It's hard to believe that I am actually taking this step into beginning my very own journey into gradually changing my life from an almost all animal-based diet to a completely plant-based lifestyle.

I can't say enough how grateful I am to all the loads of information out there given by health experts, Ted talks, celebrities and even my own friends about the power of a plant-based diet and the consequences of not adapting to one.

There is SO much we have yet to discover and SO much we already know that we just need to spread awareness about. I have listened, read, spoken with so many people in the field and I am simply in awe of the loads of information I had no idea about in the past. It is thanks to this information that opened my eyes and has allowed me to take this journey one step further. I can almost promise you that you will be AMAZED at what changing to a plant-based diet will not only do to you, but how it will impact our planet that needs our immediate attention.

Plantborn's mission is to provide you with the most updated and most relevant content in regards to a plant-based lifestyle. There is a wealth of information out there and I know that sometimes it gets overwhelming. I hope plantborn can offer you that relief in being that one platform that provides you with quality content and a glimpse into personal experiences every step of the way. I invite you all to begin your 24 hour, 24 day, whatever it is that works for you to taste and experience what a plant-based lifestyle is all about.

This mission is as much about you as it is about me. It is about reconnecting with our mind, body, and soul and refreshing ourselves back to how humans originally lived.

Leave the animals alone, cut the artificial crap, and finally allow yourselves to experience the magic of nature through all our senses.

I'm SO ready. Are you?


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